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Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions or to make an appointment:

    Phone: (412) 881-0883

    Email: pghpianotuning@yahoo.com

    What to expect during your tuning appointment

    I will ask you about your piano when we schedule my visit. I need to know what kind of piano you have (brand name, model, and approximate age), and how long since it was last tuned, approximately. Please, make a list of any problems or concerns (sticky keys, squeaks, etc.) you have about your piano. When I arrive, I will first want to look at your piano and do a thorough evaluation of its condition. I will point out areas of concern such as any sticky keys, squeaky pedals, broken strings, loose tuning pins or other shortcomings in your piano. We can discuss how much additional work over and above the tuning you might want to have me perform on your piano, possibly on the same day, but perhaps another appointment will be needed to do the work. There are many reasons why a piano owner might have an instrument that has been neglected for many years. Sometimes it's a recently inherited family piano. Sometimes no one has played for years, but now the grandkids are coming. Whatever the reason, there are usually lots of little things that need to be attended to. Action screws need tightening. Hammers need to be aligned to the strings. The hammers may have deep grooves in them and need to be filed and shaped. And of course, it must be tuned. Most pianos can be brought to a much-improved level of playability in one extended appointment. Sadly, some neglected pianos will be too far past their prime. Pianos stored in basements, garages, or barns may be encrusted with mold, or destroyed by small chewing animals who have made them their home. While I'm tuning, the quieter the room is, the faster and more accurately I can work. I don't need total silence, but please plan to keep loud music, loud televisions, and loud talking nearby to a minimum. If you need to change or break an appointment, please be sure to call or email me at your earliest convenience, at least the day before if at all possible.